Work with us

Work with us

Work with us


If you want to work with us and earn high commissions, we explain how you can do it.

If you are interested in working as a Realtor YODOY

1) Send us your personal details, contact telephone and photocopy of identity card to:, we’ll call you to finalize conditions.

If you are interested in working as a Real Estate or Estate Associate / day.

1) Please contact us by phone at: +34 – 654 619 034 or email: you as Associate matter, once we receive your request we will contact you or send you the conditions to be associated of YODOY.

If you’re particular and not professional real estate.

1) You can also collaborate with us in any way, if you know someone who wants to buy or sell a property, aportanos that person, if you buy you paid, if you sell will pay for the acquisition if the housing sell us.

2nd) This is only necessary that you identify when you have or interested in buying or interested in selling, then we will ask your personal details, photocopy ID, email and phone contact, and the now we have to pay you for your work, you ask for a bank account number for income realizarte.

If you are a real estate professional of any country in Europe or the United States.

1) Contact YODOY by mail or phone. To avoid translation problems we ask you send us e in Spanish if at all possible. We will give you the opportunity to offer your clients in your country our properties for sale, rental, holiday or transfer. We offer substantial commissions on each transaction carried out successfully.

For any clarification please contact job in: Phone: + 34 – 654 619 034 Mail: